Credit: Anna Shvets (April 2020)
Credit: Anna Shvets (April 2020)
Credit: Anna Schvets (April 2020) from

The day I found out I failed the California Bar Exam in 2018 was one of the worst days of my life. I broke down. I cried. I felt deep shame. I considered myself a true failure. Some may wonder why the reaction is so dramatic. For those who don’t know, the California Bar is recognized as one of the most difficult in the country. The pass rate for the California Bar Exam has decreased dramatically in recent years and is a source of constant controversy in the legal community due to its high passing cutoff score and the financial…

I attended a top 50 law school in the US with a scholarship and here are some tips and things I wish I had known prior to starting the law school application process:

  1. Work on obtaining the highest LSAT score possible.

Although now some law schools are not requiring the submission of an LSAT score in order to apply (and may accept the GRE), generally speaking the higher your LSAT score is, the higher your chances you will be accepted into a top-ranked school and offered a hefty scholarship. It is often unsaid that the LSAT is one of the…

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